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"I love looking at myself in the mirror now"

Published: 2021-08-07

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Lucas, 21 years old

As a transgender person, Lucas started taking testosterone at the age of 17 to stimulate beard growth. But when Lucas stopped taking hormones, the density of his beard stagnated and he decided on a permanent solution.

Lucas wanted to have a beard for the rest of his life even when he stopped taking testosterone. So the best option was a beard transplant to get the facial hair he had always dreamed of.

2400 grafts were moved from neck to face – and the results speak for themselves!

See Lucas’ amazing results!

A beard line that suits you

How you want your beard line in a beard transplant is individual. Some choose to have a sharp, straight beard line that barely needs trimming to look fixed.

Others would rather place it a little higher up and thus have the choice to shave their beard line according to the taste of the day.

No matter which beard line you choose to do, you can always expect a natural result from us.

How is a beard transplant done?

The technique for a beard transplant is the same as for a hair transplant. We extract hair follicles from the neck to the area where you want more beard growth.

This is done using the well-known FUE technique, which is one of the most popular techniques for hair transplantation as it leaves minimal scarring on the neck.

Read more about how a beard transplant works

– I love my new beard, the procedure is definitely beyond expectations, says Lucas.

After a consultation with Lucas, we decided to fill his beard with 2,400 grafts.

The final result will be best seen in approx. 12 months. To speed up the healing process and give the beard an extra boost, Lucas has also done PRP treatments.

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