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"I shaved with a razor and saw that the hairline started to move upwards"

Published: 2022-02-03

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Kushtrim, 29 years old

Kushtrim decided to have a hair and beard transplant to even out his hairline and get a thicker beard.

One day, Kushtrim was shaving his hair with a razor and noticed that his hairline had started to move upwards. Over time it got worse and worse, so he took the decision to have a hair transplant. As he wanted a fuller beard, he decided to have a beard transplant at the same time.

The procedure

“No pain, no gain”

– I’ve never used that expression before, but now it fits pretty well,” says Kushtrim, laughing.

The hair and beard transplant began with a local anaesthetic, something Kushtrim was very nervous about. He found the local anaesthetic injections unpleasant, but still thought the pain was worth it.

När bedövningen hade börjat göra ont tog sjuksköterskorna ut transplantat från halsen och transplanterade dem till hårfästet och skägget.

Once the anaesthetic had started to hurt, nurses extracted grafts from the neck and transplanted them to the hairline and beard.

A few weeks after the transplant, Kushtrim thinks his hair and beard look good.

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