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"The only thing that helps if you want your hair back is a hair transplant"

Published: 2018-03-15

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efter hårtransplantation

Kenny, 31 years old

Kenny, 31, started losing hair and getting higher temples. He decided to have a hair transplant combined with PRP treatments to get his hair back.

Kenny didn’t try any other treatment methods before deciding to have a hair transplant using the FUE method in combination with PRP treatments.

– I had both read and heard from others that it doesn’t work anyway. That’s throwing money down the drain. ‘The only thing that helps if you want your hair back is a hair transplant,’ says Kenny.

How did you find Nordic Hair Clinic?
– A friend who had a hair transplant with you recommended me to choose Nordic Hair Clinic. This made me take the step of booking a consultation. Everything felt very good at the consultation. However, I chose to wait almost a year before having my procedure. This was mainly because I didn’t know how to deal with the payment and practical aspects of the procedure. I also wanted to wait and see how much more hair would come loose. Eventually, I decided to do my procedure and arranged all the practical arrangements.

What were your thoughts before the procedure?
-Oh no, now I have to shave my hair off. That was the hardest part of the whole thing, as ridiculous as it sounds. I had never shaved my hair off before so it was a big deal for me. I wasn’t nervous or worried about the procedure itself.

Tell us about your experience during the treatment day?
– Everything went very well. Everyone was very hospitable and welcomed me with open arms. I got answers to all my questions. The procedure went smoothly. I had no complications or anything like that. It took a little over 5h.

efter hårtransplantation

How did it feel afterwards?
– It felt good when it was over. I was able to get some sleep in the meantime. So I didn’t feel very tired afterwards. I live in Bålsta and did my procedure in Gothenburg. So I took the opportunity to go there for a weekend and stay in a hotel during the operation. When everything was ready, I went to my hotel and took it easy and played some video games. I was able to sleep quite well the first few nights. I bundled up with pillows and slept upright so as not to strain my head.

What difference do you notice now that it’s been a while?
– It has been four months since my surgery. It has healed nicely and the hair has started to grow. I look forward to seeing the end result.

Were you open about having a hair transplant?
– I didn’t exactly open a conversation by saying I was going to do a hair transplant. But if it came up, I’d tell you.

Did many people ask or wonder afterwards?
-Yes, several people who didn’t know that I had done a procedure asked lots of questions afterwards. Partly because they were also interested in doing a hair transplant. Others asked out of curiosity. After the procedure, I posted pictures on Instagram. A lot of people contacted me and asked some questions too.

Would you recommend others to have a hair transplant?
– Yes, of course. It’s so easy to do. I haven’t had any complications at all. I have a positive experience of the procedure. I have also inspired many people close to me to have a hair transplant. They are almost as excited as I am to see the end result. I’m the guinea pig of the group of friends.

efter hårtransplantation

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