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"This was so easy"

Published: 2022-02-07

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Josephine Qvist, 29 years old

Josephine thought her hairline was higher up than she wanted. We filled her temples with 1,200 grafts. Read on to follow Josephine’s journey through the hair transplant.

Josephine was not nervous before the procedure. It was only when she was lying on the treatment bed that she realised it’s a bit more serious than going to the hairdresser.

“It was a bit hard to lie there. You can’t see anything, and someone is poking and prodding your head. At the same time I felt safe”.

We moved 1,200 individual hair follicles (grafts) from Josephine’s neck to her temples using the FUE method. This means that each group of hair follicles is moved by hand, one at a time.

– In retrospect, I thought this was as easy as it gets,” says Josephine.

One week after the procedure

When we ask how the first week has been, Josephine sports a big smile.

“I don’t think it shows at all. No one has noticed, because of how easy it is to hide. I can cover the temples and the shaved area is not visible at all. It turned out great.”

She admits that when she came home after the procedure, she saw herself in the mirror and was a little worried. But after a call to the clinic, she felt safe and calm again.

Many people get a shock when they see themselves after the transplant, but very rarely is there anything wrong. But our technicians and nurses have extensive experience in performing transplants – they know what they’re doing. Their results speak for themselves!

More than just a hairstyle

After 15 years of hair treatments and hair transplants, we know a lot. Most of our clients who undergo a hair transplant don’t just get an improved hairline – they get a boost in self-esteem. Their decision to adjust a hairline isn’t just about hair loss– it’s also about taking care of their well-being.

Hair is on the surface, but it’s the underlying feeling of feeling like your best self that really matters.

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