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Published:, 25 years old 2018-07-15

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Jonas, 25 years old

Jonas, 25, started losing his beard two years ago. It started as patchy hair loss then it started to spread more and more. Finally, the beard on the cheekbones fell off completely.

Jonas started by changing his diet and stressing less. But it didn’t help to slow down the hair loss and get the beard back. Jonas googled and found PRP and Nordic Hair Clinic.

– I felt that PRP was super interesting. I had read that the treatment helped others with similar problems,” says Jonas.

After a consultation at the clinic, Jonas decided to start with three PRP treatments to slow down hair loss and stimulate growth.

– I got a very good feeling from the clinic and the staff. Serious and down-to-earth at the same time, says Jonas.


Did you do any research beforehand on how the treatment works?
– Yes I read a lot on the internet. At the consultation, I learned even more about what PRP is.

How did you feel before your first treatment?
– I was nervous, tense and excited all at the same time. But I felt very calm and safe when the treatment started.

How was your first treatment?
– It was good. It didn’t hurt at all, as I had expected it would. The nurse who performed the treatment was very professional. She knows her stuff.

Have you told others that you started PRP for your beard?
– Yes. For family and friends. I have several close friends who have problems with hair loss. But I’m the first of my friends to try PRP. They are very excited to see my results. I’ve had a lot of questions about PRP too. I replied as best I could and advised them to book a free consultation.

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Why would you recommend others to have PRP beard treatments with us?
– Because it’s an effective treatment that’s quick and easy to do. Nordic Hair have a lot of experience with PRP and I trust you. I have already advised anyone with similar problems to start with PRP. It is good that PRP can be done as a preventive measure as well. Had I known, I would have started PRP a long time ago to avoid hair loss. I know that it is very taboo for men to do various treatments. But I hope to inspire others to do these treatments if their beard and hair are important to them.

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