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"I don't lose as much hair as before"

Published: 2020-09-15

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Johanna, 39 years old

Johanna lost a lot of hair after she stopped breastfeeding her second child. To combat the hair loss, she turned to us at Nordic Hair Clinic and was recommended to try PRP treatment.

Johanna came to us at Nordic Hair Clinic after she started losing a lot of hair. She noticed it after she stopped breastfeeding her second child. It was most obvious that she lost a lot of hair when brushing her hair and when washing it.

To find a solution to the problem, Johanna turned to us at Nordic Hair Clinic and came in for a consultation. During a consultation, we’ll go through your hair and scalp and see what treatment options would be suitable. In Johanna’s case, it was determined that her hair follicles were dormant and therefore not producing any hair.

PRP against dormant hair follicles

PRP is a treatment in which plasma is extracted from the patient and injected into the scalp. It is an effective treatment for dormant hair follicles and was recommended to Johanna. PRP can “wake up” the dormant hair follicles so that they start producing hair again, thereby also counteracting hair loss.

The result

After Johanna’s PRP treatments, she didn’t lose as much hair as before. She noticed that there wasn’t as much hair stuck to her hairbrush as there used to be.

When Johanna put up a post on instagram about the treatment, she received many questions like: “how did it feel?“, “did it hurt?“, “how was it?“. Many of Johanna’s followers were concerned about what was being injected into the scalp, if there were any additives or unnatural substances.

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