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Published: 2021-12-15

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Kvinnlig hårtransplantation

Ida, 21 years old

Ida had a hair transplant at our clinic in Stockholm. She transplanted 1,500 grafts to fill out her hairline, making it lower and smoother.

We followed Ida’s thoughts and her transformation for a year and can say that her results are amazing!

Hair transplantation – not just for men

Many people think that hair transplants are just something that men do. But in fact, it’s increasingly common for women to want to correct their hairline – just as it is for men.

You may have suffered from hair loss or worn your hair down by using extensions, hair products or very tightly knotted braids – which then made your hairline higher or uneven.

A naturally congenital high hairline is also not uncommon. If you want to correctthis, it is done very easily with a hair transplant.

How does a hair transplant work?

In a hair transplant, we move hair follicles from an area that is rich in hair to the area where you wish to have increased hair growth. The hair follicles that we move are genetically coded not to fall off and are usually taken from the neck.

A hair transplant for women is usually slightly different from a hair transplant for men. The aesthetic conditions between men and women are different. For example, we usually don’t shave the whole woman’s head, but only the area from which the hair follicles are to be removed (usually the back of the neck).

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Why should you have a hair transplant with us?

  • You can rely on us. We are specialists in the field and have been treating hair loss since 2006.
  • You are important to us. We won’t just let you go after your operation. To give you peace of mind and to make sure that the result is what you wanted, we have continuous follow-ups at 3, 6 and 12 month intervals during the first year after your surgery.
  • You avoid marks and scars. We transplant hair using the FUE technique, a modern and safe method that leaves no marks or scars.
Kvinnlig hårtransplantation

PRP treatment for thinning hair and hair loss

How does it work?

The treatment involves extracting plasma containing growth factors from your own blood and then injecting it into your scalp. This causes the hair follicles to produce stronger hairs and increases hair growth.

PRP also helps the transplanted hair follicles to heal after a hair transplant.

Why PRP?

A PRP treatment is the most effective, natural and gentle treatment to kick-start your hair growth and counteract hair loss. The treatment takes only 45 minutes and has no side effects whatsoever.

If you feel that you are getting thinning hair and want to slow down possible hair loss, our PRP treatment is the most effective method, if you book an appointment in time.

Kvinnlig hårtransplantation

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