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"I look in the mirror all the time"

Published: 2022-01-24

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Jonathan, 35 years old

Jonathan started losing hair at an early age. He desperately tried various treatments to slow down hair loss and get his hair back. When nothing helped, he started considering a hair transplant.

Jonathan thought about having a hair transplant for a long time. But didn’t dare at first. He didn’t know much about hair transplants and thought it was a bigger procedure than it is. Jonathan started reading up on hair transplants.

He found out more information and what it means. Jonathan found Nordic Hair Clinic and booked a consultation. He then decided to do a hair transplant using the FUE method in combination with PRP treatmentsto get the best possible results.

Why did you choose to have your hair transplant at Nordic Hair Clinic?
– The treatment I received at the consultation was as good as it could be. So I decided just to do it. I booked a hair transplant right away.

Did you try other treatments before you decided to have a hair transplant?
– I tried all kinds of treatments… shampoos, ampoules and medicines. None of it works. That’s real quackery right there. It was also very expensive.


What were your thoughts before the hair transplant?
– What have I gotten myself into… Now there’s no turning back. It was horror mixed with delight. I was nervous and a little nervous, wondering how safe it is. But after they had drawn the line in the forehead, it felt good. I thought it will be great when it grows out later. So then the nervousness eased a bit.

How did the procedure go?
– It went well. The nurses were very great. It went pretty fast too. It took more than 6 hours. The procedure itself did not hurt. What hurt a little was the anaesthetic. But it was worth it.

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How did it feel afterwards?
– I was very exhausted. A little dizzy too. But that was probably mostly because I hadn’t eaten properly before the procedure. It was hard to sleep the first night. My head ached and when the anaesthetic wore off, I felt it even more. But it quickly waned. Two days after the procedure it didn’t hurt at all and I could sleep as usual.

How do you feel now that it’s been a while?
– It feels great. I look in the mirror all the time. I am eager to see the end result.

Were you open about having a hair transplant?
– Yes, I was. There were those who thought it was ridiculous and unnecessary for me to have a hair transplant. They can think what they want. It is my decision and my life. Many were also positive and interested. They wanted to know more about the hair transplant and had many questions. It is more common than you think to have an intervention today. People are fixing their butts, boobs, lips and everything else.

Would you recommend people in the same situation as you to have a similar procedure?
– I absolutely would. They will get a result they will be so pleased with. I have. I’ve been feeling bad about my hair loss and high temples since I started losing hair in my 20s. I’m so glad I had a hair transplant.

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