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"After 15 years, I decided"

Published: 2021-05-26

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Resultat efter hårtransplantation

David has been considering a hair transplant for about 15 years. After a consultation with us in Gothenburg, David felt it was time to do it.

David underwent a hair transplant of 1,600 grafts to even out his hairline and fill in his temples.

– The whole procedure took no more than a few hours and was much smoother than I expected,” says David.

– The only hard part of the whole procedure was the week after when it started to itch a lot, otherwise it wasn’t hard at all, I almost fell asleep during the procedure itself, says David.

“Don’t wait – book a consultation”

David is glad he took the plunge and came in for a consultation. After that, it seemed obvious to me to do a hair transplant,” says David.

Join David for his first PRP treatment after his hair transplant with us!

prp-behandling efter en hårtransplantation

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