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"I've been thinking about it for a year."

Published: 2022-02-03

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Christer, 39 years old

Christer noticed a year ago that his hair was becoming thin and he started thinking about a hair transplant. After checking with friends and acquaintances who had undergone hair transplants, he didn’t think it sounded so bad and decided to do one himself. We transplanted 2000 graftsto fill out Christer’s hair.

It is now clear that it is a choice Christer does not regret.

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– For most people, self-confidence is very much in the hair and for me it was quite hard when I noticed that my hair was getting thinner. “Now I’m very happy that I had a hair transplant and I can feel my self-confidence returning to what it was before I started losing my hair,” says Christer.

When we ask him if he is happy with his result, he has a big smile on his face. He says that sometimes it doesn’t feel like much is happening, but he realises how much of a difference there is in his hair now compared to before the procedure.

12 months later

“Overall, I am completely satisfied. There have been periods where it feels like it’s not growing. But then when you look at the before and after pictures, you see what a difference it has made.”

Christer admits that he hesitated at first. He thought it was a long process. But despite a difficult first few months, he feels it was worth every second.

“The result are insanely good”.

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