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"Want your hair back - do a hair transplant"

Published: 2020-11-11

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Nassir, 39 years old & Hadeer, 32 years old

Nassir, 39, has been thinking about having a hair transplant for ten years, but never got around to it. Since hair loss runs in the family, his brother Hadeer, 32, had also started to lose his hair.

They heard about Nordic Hair Clinic from a friend and booked an appointment for a consultation at the clinic in Stockholm. After the consultation, they decided to travel down to Istanbul together and each have a hair transplant using the FUE method.

-I felt more comfortable choosing Nordic Hair Clinic’s own clinic in Istanbul than contacting a clinic in Istanbul myself. I trust a Swedish company more than a Turkish one. It’s also good that I can do PRP treatments and follow-ups at the clinic in Stockholm,” says Hadeer.

They didn’t try any other treatments for hair loss before deciding to have a hair transplant.

– We don’t think other methods work anyway, such as shampoos or vitamins. If you want your hair back, you have to do a transplant,” says Nassir.


Why did you choose to do your hair transplant in Istanbul?
– We combined utility with pleasure. There is more life and movement there than in Sweden. The city is really beautiful. Then of course the price was one of the reasons too.

Did you do much research beforehand?
– Hadeer had to do all the research and then brief me, says Nassir. He read everything he could get his hands on about hair transplants and was well-informed.

How was the journey?
– It went well and smoothly. We were picked up by our own driver at the airport which was great.

What were your thoughts before the procedure?
– Of course we were nervous. After all, it is a procedure and there can be complications.

How did your surgery go, Hadeer?
– It went well. But it took about nine hours, which was longer than I expected. I would have liked more and longer breaks than I got. For me it was very difficult with the language as I am not very good at English. I recommend anyone who does not speak English well to bring someone who can help and interpret. This is to avoid misunderstandings.

How did your surgery go, Nassir?
– It went very well. I had worried unnecessarily. The staff were professional, responsive and very nice. The procedure took about six hours. I did 4000 grafts.

How did it feel afterwards?
– It felt good to have it done. Afterwards we took it easy at the hotel. It was hard to sleep the first two nights. We half woke up and slept as best we could.

What else did you do in Istanbul besides the hair transplant?
– The day before the transplant we had time to see some of the city, so that was fun.

Were you open about doing a hair transplant?
– Yes, we have been. Everyone knows that. It’s not something we’ve tried to keep secret.

How do you feel now three weeks after your procedures?
– It feels good. Everything has healed properly. We eagerly await the outcome.

Would you recommend others to have a hair transplant?
– Yes. If you want your hair back, do a hair transplant.

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