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"I'm glad I didn't wait any longer to do the procedure"

Published: 2018-03-15

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Benji, 25 years old

25-year-old Benji from Stockholm started getting thinning hair at an early age. His father and older brother went bald at a young age. As hair loss is hereditary, Benji wanted to avoid becoming hairless at a young age.

Benji didn’t want to eat medicines and get chemical substances into his body. So he started reading up on other ways to slow down hair loss and get his hair back. After some research, he concluded that the simplest and most effective way for him was to do a hair transplant in combination with a course of PRP treatments.

Did you check out several different clinics?
– Yes, I did. The reason I chose Nordic Hair Clinic was because I quickly got an appointment for a consultation. At the consultation I received a good and professional treatment. Mats is awesome and knows his stuff. After that, I decided to have a hair transplant. The clinic’s central location in Stockholm is also an advantage.

What were your thoughts before the hair transplant?
– I was a little nervous. But I wasn’t thinking about anything else in particular. I still had hair left on my head before the hair transplant so it hadn’t gone that far. I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer to do the procedure.

Tell us about your experience during the treatment day?
– That was nice. I was treated very well. The nurses who performed the procedure were pleasant and accommodating. For me it was important to get the hairline right, so that it looks natural. Which I got. I felt safe when we started. The anaesthetic injections hurt a little. But I didn’t feel the procedure at all. It took just over 6 hours.

How did it feel afterwards?
– My body was a bit stiff and confused because I had been lying still for a long time. After the transplant, I was tired and took it easy. I went home and had takeout with my girlfriend. The first two nights it was a bit difficult to sleep. I sat up and slept in an armchair to avoid hurting my head. The third night I was able to sleep as usual.

What difference do you notice now that it’s been a while?
– I have more hair today. The crusts I had just after the transplant started to fall off when I showered and took care of my hair. After a week, I used baby oil and massaged the scalp to soften it. It helped.

Were you open about having a hair transplant?
– Yes, I was. My dad and my brother, who has no hair at all, thought it was a bit unnecessary at first. In their eyes, I had a lot of hair. Now afterwards I have received only positive feedback. They think it’s neat and looks good. I think so too. I am very happy.

Were there many others who asked or wondered?
– No. People are changing their eye colour today. People do their butt, chin and everything else. Doing hair is easy these days. Nobody said anything.

If your friends started to lose hair, would you recommend them to do a similar procedure?
– Yes, absolutely. If you have little hair and feel bad about it, I recommend a hair transplant. A transplant with the FUE method is what works best today, I think. Unless you want visible scars. This operation is simpler and better than a strip graft, which was more common in the past. When you say hair transplant, many people get it wrong and think it’s a bigger procedure than it is. It’s not as bad as you think. It’s like going to the dentist.

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