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"The years passed, but the beard growth stayed as it was."

Published: 2019-06-26

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Daniel hasn’t been happy with his beard growth since he was a teenager, but back then he was still hoping it would grow. When it didn’t, he went to the Nordic Hair Clinic and booked a beard transplant.

You get a different face shape with a beard and you feel more masculine. Many girls have asked me why I don’t have a beard and thought I should grow it. Eventually I lost hope,” says Daniel.


Decision-making process

– I started searching on the internet and then I asked a couple of friends, some others who had done hair transplants with you, but in Istanbul. They were very happy and thought that you seemed to be a serious company and that’s what attracted me actually. The other companies I looked at felt a bit worse.

Daniel contacted us and after the consultation he felt even more confident that a beard transplant was the right way for him to go.


Thoughts afterwards

– It was a bit stressful to shave off the hair before the hair transplant. But it went great. I expected it to hurt even though everyone says it doesn’t feel anything, but it really didn’t after the anaesthetic injections,” says Daniel.

3 days after a beard transplant, it is important to shower the area to soften the scabs that develop. As the scabs fall off, the hair will start to grow faster. We also treat with PRPafter all our transplants to promote healing and hair growth.

On the fourth day after his beard transplant, Daniel started using a mild shampoo on his newly transplanted beard. On the sixth day, 80% of the scabs fell off.

– It feels great. My confidence is high. Everyone who sees me now is amazed at how good it looks. Everything has gone much better than I expected. I looked on Youtube at people who had done beard transplants in other countries and I didn’t think it looked very good. I was worried that the same thing would happen to me, but it feels really, really good. I can’t wait to shave with a real razor at home in the mirror,” says Daniel.


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