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"The hair transplant has given me so much more than my hair back"

Published: 2021-08-15

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Asta, 43 years old

Asta lost a lot of her hair after undergoing a tough childbirth. After trying lots of different methods and treatments with no results, she decided to have a hair transplant.

Twenty-five years ago, Asta had a baby, and that birth didn’t go so well. Afterwards, she lost a lot of hair and became thinning on the top of her head. Previously, Asta had had thick, curly hair.

Losing hair was really hard for Asta. She tried several different treatments to regain her hair, but nothing worked. When she heard about how smooth a hair transplant can be, she decided.

“The hair transplant has really given me a boost to focus on my health,” Asta says with a smile.

“I didn’t think I could have a hair transplant”

As Asta searched for treatment options, she began to see pictures of people who had had hair transplants. A few years ago, Asta thought that the result was not so natural after a transplant, but after seeing some new pictures, she changed her mind. She thought the result looked much better and natural. Asta then started to read more about the option, but was afraid she couldn’t go through with the procedure.

– With a hair transplant, you take your own hair, but I felt I didn’t have enough hair to move. Then it was shown that I have enough hair, which was fun, says Asta.

Follow Asta as she undergoes her hair transplant!

To give Asta fuller hair with a smoother hairline, we transplanted 2,000 grafts from the nape of her neck to the top of her head, from the crown to the temples.

– During the procedure, I felt well taken care of. The staff were professional and knew what they were doing. I felt safe,” says Asta, smiling.

– In the past, I usually did treatments and hoped for the best. This is the first treatment I had hoped for from the start,” says Asta.

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