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"A hair transplant was the solution for me"

Published: 2021-09-28

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Anette, 48 years old

For as long as she can remember, Anette has always felt that she was thin-haired. As she got older, she started to think about it more and more, which made her think about having a hair transplant.

After Anette turned 40, her temples began to creep higher and higher and she became curious about having a hair transplant. After a consultation with us, we decided to correct Annette’s hairline and fill her temples with 1,500 grafts.

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One week after the procedure

“None of my friends had ever heard of women having hair transplants before, so they’re as excited about the results as I am,” says Anette.

Follow Anette before, during and after her hair transplant with us!

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Female hair loss

Many women come to us because they want to correct their hairline. Perhaps they have lost hair after breastfeeding, started to lose hair after a stressful period or, like Anette, they have a genetic hair loss.

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