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"You choose what is important to you"

Published: 2022-02-03

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Carl, 33 years old

Carl, 33, has been considering a beard transplant for the past two years.

– I fit better with a beard because I have a slightly more angular face,” says Carl.

Carl started by googling beard transplant. Then he found Nordic Hair Clinic and another clinic. After attending consultations at both clinics, he decided on Nordic Hair Clinic. “I saw that you got a lot of good reviews,” says Carl.

Carl did a beard transplant using the FUE method and PRP treatments afterwards for best results.

Did you research the procedure beforehand?
– Yes, I did. I am a researcher. I read a lot about how the procedure works. And saw lots of videos and clips. I had a good idea when it was time for my procedure.

How did your procedure go?
– The anaesthetic was the worst part. Sometimes it was hard to lie still for so long, but otherwise it was fine and painless. The staff were professional and skilled. I did 3,500 grafts.

How did you feel afterwards?
– It felt good to have it done. The first nights it was difficult to sleep. But then after a few days when it started to heal I could sleep as usual.

How do you feel now that it’s been a while?
– It has now been almost a month since my procedure. I’m very happy and I know it will get even better. I’ll see the end result in a year.

Were you open about having a beard transplant?
– Yes I have told most of them. It’s hard to hide and I see no reason to. I haven’t had many questions about the procedure. A friend has said I should spend the money on something else. But I know what he spends his money on. You choose what is important to you.

Would you recommend others to have a hair transplant?
– Yes. If you want a beard, it can be arranged. I’m more comfortable with a beard. For me, it feels better to be able to have a beard and then choose to shave it than not to have a beard at all. I think a beard is neat and manly.

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