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Is it harmful to shave your hair?

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2021-12-14

Absolutely – any perm risks damaging your hair significantly. If it is done with milder products and by people who are good at it, the result is of course better but still – not good for the hair.

Hairs are made up of a number of helical molecules that are amino acids. These are connected in pairs, just like a spiral staircase, and in the middle of each step is a sulphur atom. With a very powerful reduction fluid, we can break all these bonds and then pull in both the helical molecules. We pull until the hair is completely straight and then we add a very strong oxidising agent, often hydrogen peroxide. This means that all the “steps” are reassembled, but with a different amino acid on the other side. The oxidising agent also makes the step strong and now the ladder resembles a normal straight ladder that is very long. The hair has now become straight and is fixed in this look. Then we heat off all the liquid and – voila – the shaving perm is ready – straight as a tack.

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Does it sound good for your hair? Of course not, and if we leave the hydrogen peroxide on a little too long, the hair will break off. Surely far more hairs will break than usual.

Often, however, the hair roots do quite well during this process. This means that the hair follicles do not come into contact with the liquid and are not broken. So if the person waits just 3-4 years, all the nice new hair will come out again. There is less risk of damaging the hair follicles when the perm is done by professionals. It is important to protect the scalp with oil, grease and perhaps plastic if possible. But sometimes the fluid gets to the skin and runs down to the hair follicle. Almost certainly, no more hairs will grow there ever again. The more carelessness, the more damage to the growth of new hair. There are examples of severe damage to the skin and hair after people tried shaving at home and didn’t know or understand the risks.

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