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How fast does hair grow?

How long does hair grow in a month? The hair grows more than 10 mm per month.

In normal conditions, hair grows more than 10 cm in a year. However, in some individuals it grows a little more and in others a little less.

The older we get, the slower our hair grows for the reason that hair follicles naturally shrink with age. When a hair follicle shrinks, it produces a thinner strand of hair and it takes longer for the hair to grow.

The body does not prioritise hair growth over other factors in the body.

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Can hair follicles grow back?

If you lose a hair and it looks like a hair follicle has gone with it, there is still a chance for the follicle to grow back. But if you lose a hair follicle, it will never grow back again.

Around each hair follicle are stem cells that tell the follicle how to behave. So what controls the hair follicle are the stem cells around it. These cells are genetically encoded to tell the hair when it’s time for the hair follicle to go into a resting phase.

The stem cells won’t disappear – even if you lose all your hair.



The solution to hair loss is PRP

When we perform PRP, we inject the blood plasma down to the stem cells, not to the bottom of the hair follicle. At the bottom of the hair follicle there are no stem cells to stimulate hair growth.

For this reason, we only go 2-3 mm into the skin when we do a PRP treatment. It is less painful for you and the treatment has a greater effect on your hair loss.

However, if we go 5-6 mm under the skin, it bleeds a lot and hurts a lot. In addition, the treatment has a much weaker effect because there are no stem cells there.

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Hair transplant

Losing hair after a hair transplant - does it grow back?

A common part of the healing process after a hair transplant is that you lose the hair that was transplanted. Many people then ask if the hair will grow back. The answer is yes – it will grow back because the tissue with the stem cells is still under the skin.

If part of a hair follicle falls off, a new one will grow because the stem cells tell it to do so. However, the hair follicle is put into dormancy and it can take 3-4 months for it to start producing a new hair.

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