Articles | 25-02-19

How fast does hair grow?


Hair grows about 10 mm per month. So, normally, the hair grows around 10 cm a year. On some individuals it grows a little more, on others a little less. But, generally speaking, the hair grows 10 cm a year.

The older you get, the slower your hair grows because the hair follicles naturally shrink with age. When a hair follicle shrinks, it produces a thinner hair and it takes longer for the hair to grow. The body does not prioritise growing hair in front of other factors in the body.

Do hair follicles grow back?

If you lose a hair and it looks like a hair follicle has fallen out with it, then it is still possible for the hair follicle to grow back. If a hair follicle were to come out with a hair, the body does not work in such a way that the follicle never grows back again.

Around every hair follicle there are stem cells which tell the hair follicle how it should act. The stem cells control the hair follicle. Stem cells are genetically coded to tell the hair follicle when it is time to enter its resting phase. So even if you were to lose all your hair, the stem cells still remain.

Fazli walks a patient through hair loss process during consultationDuring a consultation, we go through your hair loss so that we can regulate treatment after your needs.

The solution to hair loss is PRP

During a PRP treatment, we inject blood plasma down to area of the stem cells, not the bottom of the hair follicle because there aren’t any stem cells present there to stimulate hair growth. For this reason, we only inject 2-3 mm into the skin when we perform PRP treatments. It hurts less for the patient and the PRP is more effective. For this reason, most of our patients don’t need numbing cream for their PRP hair treatments.

If you inject 5-6 mm under the skin, the patient will bleed more, it will hurt significantly more and PRP has a worsened effect because there are no stem cells there.

Hedda lays down while nurse injects blood plasma shallowly into scalp

Blood platelets that are rich in growth factors are extracted from the blood plasma and shallowly injected into the scalp.

Losing hair after a hair transplant – will it grow back?

A normal part of the healing process after a hair transplant is that the hair that has been transplanted falls out. Many people then ask us if it will grow back. Yes, it will because the stem cells are still in the tissue under the skin.

Should a part of a hair follicle come out with the hair when it falls out, a new hair follicle will grow back because the stem cells tell it to. However, the hair follicle will go into its resting phase and it can take 3-4 months for the hair follicle to produce a new hair.