Prices of our hair transplants

Here you can see the price for a hair transplant in our clinics in Sweden and in our clinic in Istanbul. In Sweden you pay per number of grafts and 4 PRP treatments are included in the price. In Istanbul you pay a fixed price, regardless of the number of grafts, and 1 PRP treatment is included in the price which is performed at the clinic in Sweden.

Hair transplant in Sweden

See what prices apply when receiving a hair transplant in Stockholm or Gothenburg.

The consultation before you decide whether to proceed with a transplant or not, is always free of charge with us. The follow-up after your hair transplant is also free of charge. 4 after treatments with PRP are included in the price.

1 500 GRAFTS 3 000 GRAFTS
39 000 SEK53 000 SEK
2 000 GRAFTS 3 500 GRAFTS
45 000 SEK57 000 SEK
2 500 GRAFTS4 000 GRAFTS
49 000 SEK61 000 SEK
How the hair naturally grows is drawn in transplantation area before hair transplant

Hair transplant in Istanbul

By having our own clinic in Istanbul, we can guarantee as high a standard as in Sweden, but at a lower price. Consultation and post-treatment with PRP takes place at one of our clinics in Sweden.


This is included when you get a hair transplant in Istanbul:

  • Consultation and booking of transplant at the clinic in Sweden.
  • 3 nights at a 5-star hotel that is centrally located, close to restaurants and shopping centers.
  • Transport between airport and hotel.
  • 1 PRP treatment at the clinic in Sweden.
Total price 25 000 SEK Flight is booked yourself but you receive help with suitable flights from us.
Person waiting at airport with travel bag
Eyebrow transplant
An eyebrow transplant is the same procedure as with a regular hair transplant, but adjusted for your eyebrows.
From: 25 000 SEK
Beard transplant
A beard transplant fills out the beard and makes it fuller. Grafts are taken from the back of the head or from the chest.
From: 25 000 SEK

Consultation before a hair transplant

A hair transplant always begins with a free consultation. At the consultation we will review your personal conditions, what results you want, and what you can expect. We examine your hair and talk through what treatment options can work for you.

A man gets head examined during consultation


Nordic Hair Clinic offers the highest quality with all our treatments – hair transplants and PRP. However, no company can provide a guarantee on a transplant. We at Nordic Hair Clinic cannot know what medication a particular patient takes or will take in the future, what diseases the patient has or may suffer from in the future, if the patient smokes after their hair transplant, which could impair the healing process.

However, what Nordic Hair Clinic can guarantee is that we always, at all times, offer the best standard of treatments and follow-ups, and that our staff have the best training and experience in their field.


We offer all patients financing solutions through

At MedicalFinance there is the possibility to take a loan of up to 50 000 SEK, interest-free, up to 2 years. For more questions about how the funding works and to apply for a loan, please click on the link above.