Before a hair transplant

Illustration a bottle of wine and a glassWhat you should think about before your hair transplantat regarding alcohol use, tobacco and clothing choices.

After a hair transplant

Illustration föreställande en mössa och en keps.Here we go through the most important points that you should think about after your hair transplant.


Illustration take off bandage on patients donor areaAfter your hair transplant, you will have a bandage on the donor area to protect it from dirt. Find out when and how to remove it.


Illustration patient sleeps in sitting position after hair transplantIt is important that you sleep in the right position the first days after your hair transplant.


Illustration a shower headTo avoid infection, and to get rid of the scabs, you must wash the newly transplanted area.


Illustration a pack of cortisoneYou will receive medication after your hair transplant. Read more about which medicines you get and how to use them.