Hair replacement

Hair replacement is just what it sounds like – a replacement for hair that isn’t on your head. More people than we think use hair replacement, and for some it’s a good fit and a big help.

Others who try it find it very cumbersome as the hair replacement has to be removed every three or four weeks to be cleaned.

This must be done in a salon, which costs between 600-1 200 SEK depending on where you go.

Who chooses to get hair replacement?

Usually it’s those who have lost so much hair that lasers don’t help, those who can’t take medication for various reasons and those who don’t want to undergo surgery like hair transplants but want a full head of hair right away.

Because there’s a big difference in a couple of hours – from no hair to a full head of hair – but as with all things there are some disadvantages.

But quality costs – there are many cheap, simple hair replacements or hair pieces that are marketed as “great hair” but are just rubbish.

Types of hair

The slightly better hair replacements need to be adjusted to get one that fits perfectly depending on your head shape and the area you want to fill.

Here, too, you can choose synthetic or real hair. Synthetic hair is usually not a good idea. The real hair has the potential to be good but it can cost a lot if you e.g. wants long blonde hair.

And as I said – a good hair replacement only lasts 3-6 months, then you have to order a new one. 15 000 SEK and upwards per hair replacement is not uncommon.

Once a quality has been selected, the hair is ordered. A fine hair replacement takes approximately 8-12 weeks to be delivered from order.

As a rule we can say that if there is no delivery time it is a very cheap hair with no real fit – beware – no matter what the seller says.

It is important to order a new hair replacement in good time before the current hair gets too old. Keep the delivery time in mind.

Applying a hair replacement

Once the hair replacement is delivered, it’s time to apply it.

You first shave off all the existing hair where the hair replacement will be placed. However, you should leave 2-3 mm for the glue to adhere better.

The glue is spread all over the scalp and allowed to dry – then the hair is rolled up and fitted around the shaved hair edges. You do NOT want to attach the hair piece at an angle, as the glue really sets in right away.

The hair substitute then stays there for a month until it has to be removed because of all the bacteria that collect under the silicone tissue, and the hair that does grow under the tissue has to be shaved off.

Some people may be allergic to the glue. This must be tested before the hair replacement is put back. Others get minor infections and may need to remove the hair replacement more frequently than every four weeks.

Nordic Hair Clinic

Hair replacement is something we at Nordic Hair Clinic do not offer.

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