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Can iron deficiency cause hair loss?

In women, iron deficiency can be a cause of hair loss.

Usually this is due to an overly unbalanced diet or heavy menstrual periods. However, men may also lose hair due to iron deficiency, but this is relatively rare.

Do you experience hair loss and suspect it is due to iron deficiency? You will get answers to all your questions and the underlying cause of your hair loss during one of our free consultations.

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Iron deficiency is not always the cause

An iron deficiency can cause you to lose more hair than usual and experience hair loss. However, it is difficult to determine if this is the reason for your hair loss.

There are other causes of hair loss – such as stress, hormonal imbalances or medication. To get a concrete answer, you should undergo a consultation with us, where your hair is examined by a micro camera.

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Stop hair loss due to iron deficiency

If you are deficient in iron and experiencing hair loss, we recommend that you book a free consultation with us. During a consultation, we will examine your hair and determine the cause of your hair loss.

If you suffer from iron deficiency, you should start with an iron supplement (take the supplement before or after meals as the absorption is better then). To treat any hair loss, our PRP treatment is particularly effective as it works both proactively and retroactively.

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