What is folliculitis?

There are a number of annoying hair diseases but Folliculitis takes the prize. It can affect all areas of the body where hair grows and often goes down the chest, legs and arms. Folliculitis decalvans (sometimes with the addition of capilliti) or alopecia follicularis is a rare and chronic disease that develops slowly and never ends.

Folliculitis is an inflammation of the hair follicle. It usually appears as small blisters or pustules with a hair in the middle. The hair falls off in patches and often in round formations. Because the hair follicles are destroyed, hair cannot grow back in the area.

Alopecia means hair loss. Capilliti means scalp and that is where the disease is most common. However, it can occur on other hairy skin areas. Often it’s not quite as dangerous on the arms and legs as it is on the scalp. The disease is not contagious. Often you can see tufts of hair where several hairs come out of the same hair follicle. In addition to hot flashes, crusts and reddened skin can also be seen in affected areas. It can also appear as dandruff many times when the skin rejection is severe.

Alopecia folliculitis is a scarring form of hair loss. Although the disease is relatively rare, there are still quite a few sufferers – most of whom are men.

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