guttat psoriasis

Guttate psoriasis causes hair loss and thinning hair

Guttate psoriasis causes hair loss and thinning hair. The name is also known as tear drop or rain drop psoriasis (the word derives from the Latin “guttae”, meaning drops).

It tends to occur in children, adolescents and younger adults, and is a generalised rash of small dots up to 1 centimetre in diameter.

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Symptom of guttat psoriasis

It tends to follow an infection, often of the throat, when a bacterium called Streptococcus is the cause and appears very suddenly a week after the infection.

It is widespread but spare palms and soles of feet, and clears up after several weeks or months depending on how quickly treatment is started, it may return if you suffer from the same type of sore throat again.

Up to 50% of sufferers will not have another attack, but it can become chronic and progress to one of the other types of psoriasis.

Your doctor may advise you to see him or her when you have a sore throat, so that you can be treated with antibiotics. This can stop psoriasis from developing countries.

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The best treatment for guttate psoriasis

Emollients (moisturizers) and charcoal tar creams are the first treatments of choice, although steroids and vitamin D analogues may also be prescribed.

You may be prescribed a treatment to put in the bath that contains coal tar, and then a moisturizer and steroid cream to turn directly to your body. If guttate psoriasis does not respond to these treatments, then ultraviolet light (UVB) treatment is often useful.

Some people may be slightly allergic to the glue and it sometimes needs to be tested out before the hair replacement is put back. Others get minor infections and may need to remove the hair replacement more frequently than every four weeks.

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