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From the client's perspective: being diagnosed with Alopecia Areata

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2016-12-16

It was in the summer of 2014 that I was diagnosed with alopecia areata, I got a lump in my stomach when the doctors said that there is no scientifically proven cure for this disease.

Being 19 years old and having this autoimmune diseaseis of course psychologically stressful. I know that there are many young women who suffer from the same disease as I do and that it is a constant frustration not knowing when their hair will come back.

Having to constantly worry about how your hair is lying, hiding it with a clip, a tassel or walking around with a hat indoors is of course hard and above all, it makes you feel different.

Today we live in a society where most of our daily lives are about looks, going to the hairdresser and getting extensions to get that full head of hair that most people dream of.

But from the perspective of a person suffering from alopecia, almost everything is about just getting hair back.

Loneliness and waiting for things to get better

After having been to several different doctors’ appointments, where most doctors said the same thing “you just have to wait”, I felt so bad.

I felt that no one really understood my situation, and my visits to the doctor were usually limited in time. This made things even worse, I was mostly just annoyed and sad and above all I didn’t know where to turn.

I ended up going out every Monday for Chinese acupuncture, a few needles here and there. I had to use a Chinese method that involved rubbing ginger into the scalp with sesame oil.

Unfortunately, I did not see any results. Maybe I was frustrated and had no patience, but maybe it was because I wasn’t seeing results.

PRP – the light at the end of the tunnel

The turning point came in the autumn of 2015 when I booked a free consultation at Nordic Hair Clinic and decided to try the PRP method, an all-natural method.

It was here that I finally felt that there was a solution, that I finally found a clinic that works on a daily basis to combat all types of hair loss.

I have finally started to see things from a brighter perspective, thanks to this method I have finally got my hope back.

All of you who have some form of Alopecia, do not lose hope because there is a solution, PRP. What made me believe in this method was above all that I already saw results after the first treatment.

Then I have read a lot of good things about other people’s experiences with PRP treatments.

Nordic Hair Clinic is the best thing that ever happened to me, the only treatment that actually gave results. It is now that I have finally started to get hope that I can finally get my hair back soon!

I am so grateful that I was able to come to Nordic Hair Clinic for treatment, because it was here that someone finally listened to me and understood how difficult this journey has been for me.

It is the client’s wish to remain anonymous and therefore we do not publish any names or pictures of the patient in this story.

More clients with alopecia areata helped by PRP

At Nordic Hair Clinic, in addition to solving our patients’ hair-related problems, our goal is to create a safe place for people who suffer from various hair problems, including patients with alopecia areata.

We have therefore interviewed two of our patients with alopecia areata who have undergone PRP treatment. You can read their customer testimonials below.

Experiencing patchy hair loss as a young person – Elsa’s customer story

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Get your hair checked by a specialist

In order to determine whether you are suffering from scalp disordersor whether your hair loss is due to some other cause, our treatments always start with a consultation.

This is important so that we can examine your hair and go through your options as a customer. In addition, it is important for us that you feel confident about your treatment and that you know what results you can expect.

The consultation is always free of charge and unbiased.

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