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Kan man transplantera någon annans hår till en själv?

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2022-01-24

Some people wonder if it is possible to transplant someone else’s hair onto themselves. Perhaps you have poor hair growth and therefore have too little hair to transplant, and thus want to transplant someone else’s hair to yourself.

Can you transplant someone else’s hair onto yourself? It’s a question we’ve heard several times – and now we’re going to answer it!

Transplanting something from another person requires taking medication to stop the body rejecting the foreign organ – or in our case, hair follicles.

The medication makes you very susceptible to infection and for this reason hair transplants with hair follicles (grafts) from another person are not performed.

Can you take grafts from a close relative?

Even if you have an identical twin, we do not perform hair transplants where we transplant the hair from the twin to yourself. So it doesn’t matter how closely related you are.

Why we advise against and do not transplant another person’s grafts is because it is not worth the risk as you become very susceptible to infection from the medication. In the case of a transplant of a vital organ, it is worth the risk, but not with hair.

Can you take hair from other places than the head?

Yes. We perform hair transplants where we transplant hair from the beard or chest. What you should keep in mind is that the hair follicles differ in length and character from the hair on your head, and they do not change during a transplant.

In addition, the survival rate of hair follicles in the beard or chest is slightly lower than the hair in the neck. Thus, these are inferior donation areas although it is feasible when you do not have enough hair at the back of the head.

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