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Aftercare of a hair transplant - washing the hair?

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Author: Rebecca Lampi

Published: 2021-12-14

During a hair transplant, hair follicles are taken from the neck and then placed in very small micro-sections where more hair growth is desired.

The hairs then grow into the new area within 24 hours. During this first 24 hours, you should be careful and take it very easy.

You shouldn’t touch the area with your hands or reach it in any other way – the first night may not be the best sleep you’ve had. Small scabs are formed at the hair follicles.

After 24 hours, the situation is not so critical anymore, but on day two it is fine to rinse the hair gently. On day 3, wash the area gently with a mild shampoo – such as one suitable for children or without strong perfumes.

The important thing is not to wipe the area hard with a towel during the first few washes, but to bathe gently.

Although as a customer you are always aware and well versed in the instructions and advice, it is natural to be a little worried in those first few days that the hair will come loose.

Some people therefore avoid washing their hair for several days, as if they don’t want to “disturb” the healing process and the hairs that have been through enough.

Of course, it’s natural to want it to be as good as possible, but the fact is that it’s not good to leave the area completely untouched and unwashed.

On the contrary, it increases the risk of infection (even if it is still very small) and makes healing more difficult.

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