5 common myths and facts about hair loss

There are a lot of myths about hair loss. The list is long with strange ideas about what actually causes hair loss and what to do to handle it.

In the end, it can be difficult to separate the facts from what is not true. Nordic Hair Clinic has compiled a list of common thoughts and concerns about hair loss.

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1. Wearing a cap or hat increases hair loss

This is not true. No matter what you wear on your head, it makes no difference to the hair follicles on your scalp.

They need oxygen, which comes from your blood, not the air. The appearance of the hair may be affected, but it has nothing to do with how strong the hair follicles are.


2. My hair can fall out if I wash it too much

The hair growth cycle is not affected by the number of showers. Shampoo cannot penetrate the scalp and cause hair to fall off.

If you find that a lot of hair collects in the shower every time you wash, it’s not because of the washing itself, but rather because that particular hair has been in that growth phase where it has fallen off naturally.


3. If you shave or cut your hair often, it will grow thicker and faster

Shaving or cutting the hair does not improve the quality or growth rate of the hair follicles on the scalp. You won’t get thicker hair either. The hair follicles determine how fast your hair grows and this is largely hereditary. The hair strands are only thicker at the base when they grow out so therefore the hair feels thicker.


4. You lose more hair when you brush your hair

Brushing your hair often will not cause hair loss. Research has shown that we lose 50-100 hairs a day, which is perfectly natural. When you brush your hair, only the hair that was about to fall off naturally falls off.


5. You can get your hair back by taking vitamin supplements

A common myth is that you can get your hair back if you take vitamin supplements. Unfortunately, this is not true either. Most people in Sweden today eat a good enough diet to get all the vitamins the body needs.


How you can prevent hair loss – a method that actually works

One proven method that actually works against hair loss is PRP. The patient’s own blood is taken and the proteins are extracted from the blood plasma. When these proteins are injected into the scalp, they bring nutrients and growth factors to the hair follicles, giving them a boost. Hair growth increases and the hair follicle produces a stronger and healthier hair strand.

How does PRP treatment work?

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Nordic Hair Clinic is the leading medical hair clinic in Sweden in treatments for hair loss and hair problems. To start a PRP treatment, you must be examined by a hair specialist at Nordic Hair Clinic. The scalp is photographed with a microcamera to see the condition of the hair follicles and an assessment is then made as to whether a PRP treatment would help hair growth.

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