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Hair Transplantation

Has your hairline crept back or are you starting to become bald? By the help of a hair transplantation we are able to fill out the bald areas and give you a new good looking hairstyle!

Thanks to our great experience and the latest techniques, a hair transplantation will look completely natural and not leave any scars. As the transplanted hair is being taken from the back of the neck, where the hair is genetically coded to not fall off, a hair transplantation is a permanent solution.

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For all types

Nordic Hair works with an international team of hair transplantation specialists. During the years we have performed many different hair transplantations, catering to a wide variety of needs from small to big, men and women.


Everyone is unique and each solution is individual. In order to provide as good information as possible, we recommend a free consultation. We will then look over your individual conditions, your expectations and discuss your desired result. We will also carefully go over all information you will need and answer any questions you might have.



Nordic Hair also offer hair transplantations in Istanbul via our very own clinic. Turkey is one of the countries that is performing the most hair transplantations in the world and it is also one of the most popular travel destinations for just hair transplantations.

By having our own clinic we are able to remain complete control and ensure the absolutely best standard and quality. All hair transplantations are performed on a hospital under responsibility of our well experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Norettin Noyan.

Price and what is included?

  • 3 nights on a 5-star hotel which is centrally located, close to both big shopping centers and restaurants.
  • Flight to Istanbul and transportation between the airport, hotel and clinic.
  • € 1 950
  • Total package price

About us

Nordic Hair is an established international hair clinic, specialized on hair transplantation and PRP. The company was founded in 2006 and has its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. Nordic hair has existing clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Istanbul.

Each day we are helping our patient and solve their problems with scientifically developed solutions and modern technique. As ag round pillar of our company lies a genuine interest for the human body and the drive to deliver excellent results in a personal manners, adjusted for each individual.

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