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Pressklipp 24-01-19

Sean Banan talks about his hair transplant in Hänt i Veckan

Sean Banan did an interview in Hänt i Veckan where he talks about his hair transplant. He had a hair transplant at Nordic Hair Clinic where we transplnated 3 000 grafts.

Quote from Hänt i Veckan:

“It’s difficult to fin a person with better self confidence than Sean Banan, 33, but behind the happy exterior, thoughts about his looks have been spinning.

“I’ve always had a complex about my skinny body, my hairy butt and in recent years my thinning hair. But now I’ve done something about that,” Sean explains to Hänt.

“It became a lot better than I thought. I can’t describe it with words, I never thought it would look this good. Now I can walk around without a hat on, I’m so happy!” says Sean.”

Sean Banan's article in Hänt i Veckan

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