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  • How to take your photos

  • 1. Front and Top

    These angles need to be photographed clearly as they usually represent the areas you want to transplant. On the photos we want to clearly see the temples, the scalp and the hairline.

  • 2. Slightly Back and Side

    We need to be able to see the temples from a different angle, but also the donor area that extends the longest of the neck.

  • 3. Rear view and top

    We need to see the donor area in the neck, to indicate whether it is even possible to carry out a transplant. Then we also want to see the scalp as it is usually one of the transplanted areas.

If you have questions regarding a hair transplant but have difficulties visiting us at the clinic? Now you have the opportunity to do an online consultation.

We are aware that many lives in other cities or have a hard time getting time to visit us at the clinic for a consultation. We therefor now offer online consultations for those who are considering a hair transplant.

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Nordic Hair has completed over 15 000 PRP-treatments and has the most superior experience in Sweden. We have offered this type of treatment for over six years both for hair a hair loss and thin hair, as well as for skin with wrinkles, damage from the sun or scars, etc.

We also treatment patchy hair loss, so called Alopecia Areata, with very good results.

• Natural

• Stem Cells

• Harmless

• New Research

What is PRP used for?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a form of treatment that has been offered since the 90’s for various issues – Achilles tendon ruptures, chronic inflammations in elbows (golfers-elbow), muscle tears and actually also within dental surgery. Most big soccer, basketball, and hockey teams have PRP-equipment in their locker rooms.

PRP-treatment for hair issues (hair loss or thin hair) as well as within the beauty industry (different types of skin treatments) has been offered for almost 8 years.

Why PRP treatment?

PRP is a completely natural treatment and has absolutely no side effects. We use the patient’s own body to change they skin or hair.

There are no risks for allergies or other complications as the material injected come to 100% from the patient’s own body. A quick treatment, free from side effects, and takes only 30-40 minutes.

Nordic Hair has fine-tuned the PRP technique and the PRP-treatments we offer today we have very good results.

Consultation prior to PRP-treatment

Importance of a consultation before the patient initiates a PRP-Treatment

It is important to examine a patient to determine if the treatment will give results before we recommend anyone to start a PRP-treatment. Potential limitations and how they may impact the end result will be reviewed.

How does it work?


The consultation is free and takes approximately 30 minutes. It starts with the patient completing a health declaration, which gives us an initial indication of if there is anything about the patient we need to know.

During the consultation it is important to discuss the patient’s expectations. If the expectations are wrong, the result will also be wrong. During the consultation we of course also discuss amount of treatments expected result and cost.


After the consultation you will know what treatment form is right for you. At that time we will book your first treatment. You can book your next appointment in person after each treatment, or you can email or call the clinic.


The treatment starts by applying an anesthetic cream to the area. 24ml of blood is then taken through a normal blood sample, which is centrifuged so that the different parts are separated.

The growth factors then become visible and can easily be managed and injected directly into the skin. A treatment takes approximately 90 minutes including the anesthetics.

Follow-up and result

We typically recommend 34 treatments to best activate the positive processes in the body that PRP generates.

Three months following your last treatment we do a follow-up to review how you fells and if there is a potential need for additional treatments. We also review before and after pictures to review the results.

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Katti, 31 years
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What is PRP?

PRP-treatments work very well for issues with hair growth and to improve the glow of the skin.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma, blood plasma rich in platelets) has existed as a form of treatment for over 20 years. The principal is that growth factors that exist naturally in the blood can help heal or improve the growth of hair and skin. Nordic Hair has over six years of experience and has done the most PRP injections in Europe when it comes to cosmetic treatments.

PRP-injections are pain free and relatively easy to perform, and the result is very good in over 80% of cases – regardless of the issues.

Fee Schedule PRP

Hair ............................... 4 300 SEK

Full Head .................... 4 900 SEK

After TP ........................ 2 500 SEK

Beard ........................... 4 300 SEK

Face ............................ 4 300 SEK

Neck ............................. 4 300 SEK

Decolletage .............. 4 300 SEK

Hands .......................... 4 300 SEK

Upon treatment of an extra area at the same occasion an additional fee of 1 500 SEK is added. Should you for example wish to treat your face together with your hair it will cost 4 300 SEK + 1 500 SEK.

Questions and answers

How long does a PRP-treatment take?

The treatment itself takes approximately 30-40 minutes. If you’d like to receive anaesthetics there will be an additional 45-60 minutes.

Does a PRP-treatment hurt?

When it comes to a PRP-treatment of the head (the hair) there might be prickling and a feeling of slight discomfort – especially during the first treatment. The following treatments are as a rule very simple and without discomfort.

How often should you get a PRP-treatment?

We usually recommend 3-4 treatments with 1 month in between to activate the positive processes in the body in the best way. Exactly how many treatments that are needed is discussed at a free consultation with the customer’s ideas and wishes in mind.

When is the result of a hair treatment visible?

We recommend doing three or four treatments with four weeks in between. After that, we do a follow up after an additional two to three months and by then the new stronger hair will have had time to grow out.

Can I fund my PRP-treatments?

Yes – That is fine. We have a cooperation with Medical Finance. There you can receive interest-free credits up to 50 000 and a payment plan of up to 24 months.

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