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Is PRP a permanent solution to hair loss?

The definition of hair loss is when the hair follicle shrinks for reasons that can be external or internal. When the hair follicle shrinks in size, it produces a weaker hair. The hair follicle shrinks more and more, the hair gets thinner and thinner, and in the end the hair follicle is so shrunken that it stops producing hair completely.

A hand in blue glove holding tubes with centrifuged blood plasma.

The richest platelets are collected in the yellow plasma after centrifugation.

PRP boosts the hair follicle

PRP works as a boost for the hair follicle. It boosts the hair follicle and it becomes bigger. When it grows in size, the growth rate of the hair increases, as well as the thickness of the hair follicle. However, the hair follicle is still genetically coded to shrink and for the hair to eventually fall off. If you stop boosting the hair follicle, it will return to how it was before treatment with PRP began.

It can be compared to working out. Even if you work out a lot and become strong, you will loose muscle structure if you stop working out. But if you start working out again, the road back to the same muscle structure will not be as long. It is the same with the hair follicle. If the hair follicle has shrunk too much, it is going to take longer for PRP to start working, you may not experience as much hair growth and you may need more PRP treatments.

To summarise, PRP is not a vaccination against hair loss, but rather a temporary boost that you can give to the hair follicle.

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Can you get the hair follicle back to the size it once had?

It depends on the stage of hair loss when you start the treatment. If you start in the stage where the hair follicle has not shrunk a lot, then there is a bigger chance that you can get the hair follicle back to the size it once had. But if you start at a stage where it is very shrunken, then it will not grow back to the same size.

For PRP to have an effect, you need to get a treatment every 4 weeks to begin with. In general, we recommend 3 PRP treatments to start the hair growth. But if the hair loss has been happening over an extensive period of time, like it has with many women who come to our clinic, you may need 4 or 5 treatments. For the hair follicle to grow in size, it will take longer time and more treatments.

Stress and hormone issues can have a negative effect on PRP

Stress and certain medicines can have an effect on PRP treatment. As well as if you have hormone changes in the thyroid gland or severe iron deficiency, then PRP may not have the wanted effect. That is not because PRP doesn’t have positive properties to the hair follicle, but rather that the problem has such a negative effect on the hair that the positive effect of PRP is not sufficient to even it out. The positive effect of PRP is eliminated by the underlying problem.

For this reason, we usually recommend that if you have problems with the thyroid or have a severe iron deficiency, that you treat that problem first before you start with PRP treatment.

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