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If you have questions regarding a hair transplant but have difficulties visiting us at the clinic? Now you have the opportunity to do an online consultation.

We are aware that many lives in other cities or have a hard time getting time to visit us at the clinic for a consultation. We therefor now offer online consultations for those who are considering a hair transplant.

What is a hair transplant?

During a hair transplant hair is moved from an area rich of hair to an area where increased hair growth is desired. The transplanted follicles grow attached already within 24 hours and immediately start to produce a naturally growing hair. All hair has grown out after three to four months and after 12 months all hair follicles have developed maximum quality and thickness.

Hair transplants are always done under local anesthesia and the method almost all clinics use if called FUE. Below you can read more about how the process is carried out step by step, and see the different methods etc.

• Permanent

• Natural

• Own Hair

• New Technique

Who can undergo a hair transplant?

We all have different conditions

The hair grows in different ways in all people and this because of this the conditions vary. Some have a lot of hair at the neck that can be moved while other has a very weak hair growth at the neck. In that case we cannot move as many hair follicles.

In some people four hairs will grow in each hair follicle while for others only one single hair grows in each hair follicle. It will obviously not as thick as for the person with four hairs in each follicle – but still a good result.

Men and Women

Both men and women can have a hair transplant and the conditions are equally good for both genders. Some of the most successful transplants we have done have been with women.

We have patients that are 18 years old and patients that have passed 70 years old. No one is too old to change their hair and the results are very successful for everyone despite the fact that everyone has different conditions. It also does not matter if the transplant is done at our clinic in Istanbul or is Sweden – the results are equally good.



FUE (Follicular Unit extraction) is the most modern and safe transplantation technique today and is used all over the world.

We use a micro drill to loosen the hair follicles that we are to collect. You cannot feel anything, and it takes only a second. The hair follicle is lifted out with a little tweezers. When everything has heeled there are no scars or marks left. If the person has a very short hair cut in the future a small gap can be visible where the follicle used to be.

FUT (Strip)

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation or Strip) is a method that is rarely used now a day. The method is still used in USA and in the Middle East but is slowly disappearing from the market.

When you perform a FUT you cut out a small strip of skin at the back of the neck and then a scalpel is used to pick the follicles. The downside to doing an FUT is that it leaves a large scar just like that on the picture above.


The future is coming closer – now there are robots that does part of a hair transplant.

Nordic Hair has during the recent years investigated the opportunity to start using a robot during our hair transplants. The technique is not yet fully developed but over the next couple of years we will likely see a robot in one of our clinics – in Sweden or in Istanbul.

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