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Eyebrow Transplant

Most people chose to do an eyebrow transplant to get fuller eyebrows or adjust its shape.

We move hair from the neck with the FUE-technique. i.e. we pick one hair at a time and plant it in the area where the patient wants more hair. Since these are very small areas the procedure is done relatively quickly, and you can be all done in a few hours.

Eyebrow Shapes

Thick Angled


Fine Angled



The line is a matter of taste – nothing is right or wrong

The shape of an eyebrow has changed over time. During some periods the eyebrows were to be thin and not go too far out on the sides while during other times they were to be thick, bushy and gladly extent far out on the sides.

Many women pick their eyebrows from an early age and this always results in worsened hair growth that completely stops after a number of years, leaving only a thin eyebrow. When the trend shifts, and the eyebrows are to be thick this becomes a problem.


A graft is a group of follicles. When you look at the hair you can see that there can be two, or even three or four hairs growing from the same spot – each of those groups are called a graft and it can also just be one single hair. On the right you can see an example of one graft with two hairs and one graft with four hairs.

If you have many hairs in each graft your hair will be thicker. Middle eastern men often have more hairs in each graft than for example Scandinavian men. That being said, a hair transplant of 2000 can vary in looks as a person can have thicker hair with multiple hairs in each graft.

Donor Sites

Donor sites, also called donation area, are those areas where grafts are collected to be moved to the new area.

The reason hair is taken from the neck only (that reaches forward to the level of the ears) is because that hair is genetically coded to not fall off – and therefore the transplant is a permanent solution.

The donor site plays a big role in what conditions you have for a hair transplant.

Difference in hair

Hairs have slightly different structures depending on where on the head it grows. Hairs at the neck are often a little darker then hairs at the front and this is important to consider prior to an eyebrow transplant. Typically, the hair of the eyebrows seldom grows longer than 10mm while the normal hair on the head can grown up to one meter. This means that the “new” transplanted eyebrows will need to be trimmed every now and then.

The new hairs that we transplant to the eyebrows can sometimes grow a little askew. This normally corrects itself after a few months and the hairs grow straight and nice. Should a hair grow askew it will just have to be removed later. Many people have very soft hair at the eyebrows but can at the same time have very coarse and hard hairs growing on the head.


When you do an eyebrow transplant you are required to shave a smaller square at the donor site (neck) in order to pick out grafts. Thanks to the usage of such small amount of hair for an eyebrow transplant the square is so small that it can easily be covered.

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