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If you have questions regarding a hair transplant but have difficulties visiting us at the clinic? Now you have the opportunity to do an online consultation.

We are aware that many lives in other cities or have a hard time getting time to visit us at the clinic for a consultation. We therefor now offer online consultations for those who are considering a hair transplant.

Beard Transplant

To transplant hair from the neck and build a thicker and fuller beard is something we have done for many years. The principle is the same as that for a regular hair transplant. We move hair from the neck using FUE-technique, namely we pick on hair at a time and plant it in the areas on the cheeks where the patient wants more fullness and density.

Most men can have this transplant. How many grafts (hair follicle groups) that is needed is determined during the consolations when we look at how big of an area that is to be covered and much hair is already growing on the cheeks. We take hair first of all from the neck but also from the chest if needed.

In three to four months the beard starts to grow and will look good. The maximum result is achieved after 12 months when the hair follicles have reach full growth speed and the hair has reach full thickness.

Beard Shapes

Sharp + Whiskers



Beard Line

How the beard line is to look is up to each and every one to decide – personal decision. A natural beard line does often not have straight or sharp lines, those are created by shaving. The shape and the height of the beard are of course very important as it gives shape to your face.

Some chose to have a beard line that is straighter, while others might place it a little higher with a softer shape. You do that to have the option to shave a straight line but still be able to have a more natural look if wanted.


A graft is a group of follicles. When you look at the hair you can see that there can be two, or even three or four hairs growing from the same spot – each of those groups are called a graft and it can also just be one single hair. On the right you can see an example of one graft with two hairs and one graft with four hairs.

If you have many hairs in each graft your hair will be thicker. Middle eastern men often have more hairs in each graft than for example Scandinavian men. That being said, a hair transplant of 2000 can vary in looks as a person can have thicker hair with multiple hairs in each graft.


During a beard transplant you have to shave the donor site at the neck where the hair follicles are to be taken from. How big of an area the needs to be shaven depends on the size of the transplant that is to be done, i.e. how many follicles that are to be moved.

During larger hair transplants we often time chose to shave off all hair to avoid the difference in length with short hair at the neck and longer hair for the rest of the head.

Some beard transplants are just minor corrects and for that we do not shave the hair.

Donor Sites

Donor sites, also called donation area, are those areas where grafts are collected to be moved to the new area. In most cases the most common donor site is at the neck, but in some cases it can also be collected from the chest.

The reason hair is taken from the neck only (that reaches forward to the level of the ears) is because that hair is genetically coded to not fall off – and therefore the transplant is a permanent solution.

The donor site plays a big role in what conditions you have for a hair transplant. There are possibilities to do a big and possible multiple transplants if you have thick hair while someone with very thin and weak hair at the neck has smaller opportunities to transplant.

In some cases the chest is used as a donor site and is then done in combination with the neck as it does not have exactly the same structure and needs to be mixed.


For a beard transplant there are a couple of things to take into consideration. The hair at the neck can at times have a different colour from that of the beard; the most common is that the beard is slightly darker. In some cases can also the shape of the hair differ where you, for example, can have a curly beard while the hair on the head is straight. These differences need to be considered prior to proceeding as it can have a big impact on the result.

When you do a beard transplant it is extremely inappropriate to transplant hair to or from the throat or under the chin. It is practically possible but entails great medical risks as there are multiple large and superficial blood vessels and nerves than can be damaged if working in the area. There are clinic that perform beard transplants even in those areas but that is not something we do at Nordic Hair.

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