Hair Transplant

During a hair transplant hair is moved from an area rich of hair to an area where increased hair growth is desired. The transplanted follicles grow attached already within 24 hours and immediately start to produce a naturally growing hair. All hair has grown out after three to four months and after 12 months all hair follicles have developed maximum quality and thickness.

The hair that is transplanted is genetically coded not to fall off which makes the transplanted hair to grow forever and to never fall off. Therefore is a hair transplant a permanent solution.

• Permanent

• Natural

• Own Hair

• New Technique


A hair transplant requires carful planning and great reflection if you are thinking about undergoing the procedure. We typically say that 80% of a successful outcome is related to the consultation. During the consultation we review your personal conditions, your expectations and the desired result.

It is important to us that you as our customer is given the opportunity to in peace and quite be provided information relation to what us medically possible given the circumstances. During the consultation the cost is also discussed which is depending on the magnitude of the procedure and how much hair is going to be transplanted.


How does it work?


The first step is always a consultation. Here we review your individual conditions and answers all questions related to the procedure.


When you feel ready for a transplant you call us to schedule the procedure. You normally get an appointment within four weeks.

We do a health check and carefully go through everything that could have a potential impact on the procedure, for example if you are eating any specific medications.


The day before the procedure we start with a medical exam. Pre-medications such as pain management preparations and antibiotics are given to minimize the risk of infection.

After that we start to draw the new hairline or the parts we are transplanting hair to. The donor sites are locally anaesthetized and then the extra handling of follicles start. Step two is to anaesthetize the receiver area then place the hair at the areas that are to be filled. How long the procedure takes varies depending on how many follicles are transplanted.

Aftercare and follow-up

After the procedure we go over the care and medications, and then you can go home. Everyone feels alert after the procedure and you can just go home.

You will be back for a follow-up after 7 days. At that time we inject PRP for a quicker healing and better hair growth. Additional PRP is given at follow-up visits after 14 days and after 4 weeks.

PRP Treatment

Three (3) PRP-treatments are included after you have done your hair transplant. This aftercare will speed up the healing process and make the new hair grow faster and stronger.

End Result

The end result can usually be seen after 12 months. At that time all transplanted hair has grown out, the haircut has fallen into place and all hair follicles have grown equally powerful as they were when they were growing at the neck. Already after 4-6 months you will notice a big difference in the result compared to before you did the transplant. In those thin and bare spots there is now growing hair and the difference is easy to see in the mirror.

Read more from our patients

Jacop, 54

Jacob, 54, started to reflect over his loss of hair a few years back. He finally decided to make a hair transplant. His wife supported him and gave him the advice to turn to Nordic Hair Clinic. Jacob made an appointment for a consultation at the clinic in Gothenburg.

Omid, 25

Omid, 25 years old, started to lose his hair when he was 20 years old. - My forehead just got bigger and bigger for every year, so I decided to make a hair transplant. At first, first Omid tried many different shampoos to prevent his hair loss. When that didn’t work, he started to consider a hair transplant. He had a hard time making up his mind about it before he took the step.
Hair Transplant

Sharam, 41 years
2 000 grafts

Hair Transplant

Dennis, 27 years
2 000 grafts

Book an Online Consultation

If you have questions regarding a hair transplant but have difficulties visiting us at the clinic? Now you have the opportunity to do an online consultation.

We are aware that many lives in other cities or have a hard time getting time to visit us at the clinic for a consultation. We therefor now offer online consultations for those who are considering a hair transplant.

What is a hair transplant?

During a hair transplant hair is moved from an area rich of hair to an area where increased hair growth is desired. The transplanted follicles grow attached already within 24 hours and immediately start to produce a naturally growing hair. All hair has grown out after three to four months and after 12 months all hair follicles have developed maximum quality and thickness.

Hair transplants are always done under local anaesthetic and the method that almost all clinics are using is called FUE. Go in and read more about the process step by step, see the different methods etc.


We offer hair transplants at our own clinic in Istanbul – same high-quality results at a lower cost.

Turkey is one of the countries in the world where most hair transplants are completed and is a popular travel destination to do hair transplants. Through having our own clinic we fully control the cost and can ensure the absolute best standards. The quality of the results is equally good at all our clinics. The difference is only practical – for example English as opposed to Swedish.

Fees Sweden

We offer hair transplants at our clinic on Stockholm and Gothenburg, here you can see the fees and what is included.

With us you always get a free consultation before you decide to do a procedure, as well as free follow-up visits after your transplant.

At our clinics in Sweden we always include 3 PRP treatments following your hair transplant.

1 500 GRAFTS | 39 000 SEK

2 000 GRAFTS | 45 000 SEK

2 500 GRAFTS | 49 000 SEK

3 000 GRAFTS | 53 000 SEK

3 500 GRAFTS | 57 000 SEK

Fees Istanbul

We offer hair transplants at our own clinic in Istanbul – same high quality results at a lower cost.

By having our own clinic we are in full control and can ensure a high standard. What is different from Sweden is the practical – for example English as opposed to Swedish.

Cost & what is included?

  • 3 nights at a 5-star hotel centrally situated, close to big shopping malls and restaurants.
  • Transport between the airport, hotel and clinic.
  • Consultation and booking of the procedure to be offered in Sweden.
  • PRP after-treatment at the clinic in Sweden.

25 000 SEK

Total Cost
You book the flight yourself but we will assist with suitable times.

Guarantee and Financing


Nordic Hair offers highest possible quality for all our treatments – PRP and hair transplants

However, no company in the world can offer a certain guarantee for a hair transplant. Nordic Hair cannot know what medication a certain patient take or may take in the future – or what diseases a patient may suffer from in the future.

What Nordic Hair can guarantee is to in all cases offer the best standards on treatments and follow-up visits, and always have staff with the best educations and longest experience. This lays the foundation for the very best result for each patient.


We offer all our patients financing solutions through

With MedicalFinance there is the possibility for a loan of you to 50 000 SEK interest free for up to 2 years. Should you have more questions related to the financing and to apply for a loan you can click on the link above.



Questions and Answers

How do I know how much it’ll cost for me?

The cost of a hair transplant depends primarily on how large the surface that is to be transplanted is and how many grafts are needed. If you take a look at our price list you can compare your hair loss to our images. In that way, you can get an approximate cost calculation. You can also send your images through an online consultation where an expert looks at your specific case and sends a price suggestion back to you.

How long is the healing process?

The most critical time is the first 2-3 days when the area is the most sensitive. The first week you should be extra cautious, but after that you can, for example, wear a headdress. After two weeks it is okay to start exercising, but you should still be careful with sun and scraping on the transplanted hair. After three weeks you can generally do most everyday things, but heading a football, wearing a helmet, or shaving with an electric razor might be exceptions to that. We are always available for any questions about post-transplant care.

When do I see the final result?

We commonly say that you see the full impact of the procedure after 12 months. Hair grows at different rates for different people, so a portion might experience a good result as soon as after 6 months. It is important to be patient when you do a hair transplant because it doesn’t happen overnight.

Can I wear a hat or cap?

It is not recommended to wear either a hat or cap until a week after the operation, as there is a risk of scraping the hair follicles down. After a week it is fine to wear a hat or cap that isn’t too tight fitting. Remember that the hat or cap isn’t to specifically touch the transplanted area until after at least two weeks after.

Can I fund my hair transplant?

Yes – That is fine. We have a cooperation with Medical Finance. There you can receive interest-free credits up to 50 000 and a payment plan of up to 24 months.

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