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Testimonials 13-03-19

From Propecia to hair transplant – the solution to Johan’s hair loss

Johan, 36 years old

Johan’s hair process has been ongoing for years. 8 years ago he started losing hair and tried eating Propecia in pill form. He ate Propecia for about a year, but when articles started coming out about the side effects of the medicine, he felt that he wanted another, more permanent solution to his thinning hair.

“I knew I was going to loose my hair because my dad is very balding. So I felt that I was screwed, too. I tried eating Propecia in pill form for about a year. They were pretty expensive and then a lot of information started coming out about the side effects of Propecia, that you could get sterile. I mean, who knows if it’s actually true, but it wasn’t really tested back when I was taking it, so I felt that I didn’t want to continue taking that medicine,” says Johan.

Lost hair in bouts

A few more years went by and Johan continued to lose his hair. His hair loss became worse with age and his stressful job did not make the situation any easier. Finally, he felt like it was time that he did something about it.

“I have never seen myself as a person with thin hair. I’ve always pictured myself with hair. Never had short hair, for example. A part of my identity was changing and disappearing. When I was brushing my teeth, I saw the back of my head in the mirror and thought, that darn it, it’s starting to show. It gave me a certain feeling of panic. I concluded that I need to do something about this now.”

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In search for a permanent solution to his hair loss

Johan had heard about something called a hair transplant, where you can take one’s own hair and move it from one area of the head to another area. A permanent solution was something that he was looking for, which a hair transplant is. In October, he came to a consultation at Nordic Hair Clinic and thereafter, he booked in a hair transplant in February.

“It feels really good now that it is over. Apparently, it was easy extracting my hair follicles, so it made the operation easier. I wasn’t very nervous beforehand. Since it wasn’t a massive operation, it didn’t really feel like anything I need to be nervous about. I was unexpectedly calm. I’m really pleased with the whole process at Nordic Hair,” says Johan.

See before and after pictures from our hair transplant patients

Before and after photo of hair transplant

Here you can see the patient’s hair transplanted area directly after his operation.

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