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  • How to take your photos

  • 1. Front and Top

    These angles need to be photographed clearly as they usually represent the areas you want to transplant. On the photos we want to clearly see the temples, the scalp and the hairline.

  • 2. Slightly Back and Side

    We need to be able to see the temples from a different angle, but also the donor area that extends the longest of the neck.

  • 3. Rear view and top

    We need to see the donor area in the neck, to indicate whether it is even possible to carry out a transplant. Then we also want to see the scalp as it is usually one of the transplanted areas.

If you have questions regarding a hair transplant but have difficulties visiting us at the clinic? Now you have the opportunity to do an online consultation.

We are aware that many lives in other cities or have a hard time getting time to visit us at the clinic for a consultation. We therefor now offer online consultations for those who are considering a hair transplant.

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About Nordic Hair Clinic

Nordic Hair Clinic is since 2006 a specialized clinic on treatments for hair loss and hair issues.

We are today, thanks to several years of experience and constant development, Sweden’s leading clinic that’s offering PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments to remedy hair loss.

Our History

In the beginning, we focused on offering our patients several different alternatives to counteract hair loss.

After many years and with our advances with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) as a method of treatment, the skin has also become an expanding part of our business – and the fact is that hair and skin are connected in many different ways.

Every day we solve our patients’ problems with the help of scientifically developed methods and modern technology.

In the foundation of our business is a genuine interest in the human body and to deliver the best result in a personal manner, adapted to every individual.

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