You haven’t missed Charlie goes to Istanbul, have you?

Charlie goes to Istanbul front cover of book
“ In our book, Charlie goes to Istanbul, you can follow the complete process of Charlie's hair transplant at our own clinic in Istanbul. Read about his journey, from the first consultation in Sweden, to the full procedure in Istanbul. ”

Step by step

Consultation and booking
Patient having consultation for hair transplant

The first step is always a consultation at one of our clinics in Sweden. We will walk you through your individual conditions and answer all the questions and concerns you might have about the procedure. This is done at one of our clinics in Sweden, on the phone or through an online consultation. The best way to book a consultation is to do it online.

After your consultation, we then book a date for the procedure together and recommend appropriate flight times for you. We also prepare you with the information you need for your trip.

Travel to Istanbul
Airplane wing high up in sky

You arrive the day before the procedure but you can decide for yourself when you want to travel down. We recommend taking a morning flight so that you have time to relax and see a little bit of Istanbul. If you arrive in Istanbul in the evening, there is a risk of getting stuck in traffic.

When you arrive at the airport in Istanbul, we will meet you with a sign with your name and take you directly to the hotel. Once at the hotel you simply have to check in with your name and passport and then you can do what you want for the rest of the day.

The procedure is carried out
A hand holding operation pen drawing out hairline

In the morning we will meet you in the lobby and take you to the clinic. At the clinic, we will start by drawing blood, giving you pre-medications and something to change into. The next step is to sit down and draw out your hairline and discuss what you want as a result. When everything feels good, we begin the procedure.

The procedure begins with local anesthesia, after which you will not feel anything for the remainder of the procedure. Depending on the size of your transplant, this can take anywhere from 3 to 7 hours.

After the procedure we go through aftercare instructions. Normally you can feel a little tired and woozy. After that we will take you to the hotel.

Relaxation, washing of hair and home travel
Back of patients head day after hair transplant

The day after the procedure you will take off the bandage. Then you have time to do what you want in Istanbul for the rest of the day.

If your flight leaves after 4pm, you may come to the clinic to wash your hair for the first time, but it’s not a thing that you have to do. Transportation will be arranged from the hotel to the airport. Lean back and take it easy, your transplant is complete and soon you are at home with friends and family again.

Follow-up & PRP treatment
Hand with white glove injecting plasma into scalp for PRP

When you are at home in Sweden, a PRP after treatment is included in the price of your hair transplant in Istanbul. In connection with this, we also conduct a follow-up and answer any questions.

Passport & Visa

It is important to keep track of things like passports and any visas before you book your flight to Turkey.

Check the expiration date on your passport. In order to enter Turkey, your passport must be valid for 5 months (150 days) from the return date otherwise you risk being refused entry. Entry can also be refused if you are travelling with a damaged passport. Please note that provisional passports and alien passports are not accepted for entry into Turkey.

If you do not have a Swedish passport, we recommend you to reconcile your entry permit/visa before booking.

Hair specialists Maggie and Fredrik walking in airport in Istanbul on the way to the clinic

Frequently asked questions about the trip to Istanbul

What is the difference between a hair transplant in Istanbul and one in Sweden?

If you have a hair transplant at our clinic in Istanbul, you will get the exact same result as you would if you had a hair transplant at one of our clinics in Sweden. It is the same staff that carries out the procedure. The largest differences are the price, the amount of PRP after-treatments, and the practical aspects in regard to travel. The staff speaks English rather than Swedish, you get the time to relax at a hotel, but also to explore the wonderful city of Istanbul. If you have your hair transplant in Sweden, it costs more, but you get to rest at home after the procedure.

How far is it between the clinic and the hotel?

The hotel is centrally located and the clinic is located in the same building as the hotel.

How many PRP treatments are included in the price?

After each hair transplant, we offer one PRP treatment without additional costs at one of our clinics in Sweden. If you’d like additional treatments on the area of the transplant they cost 2 500 SEK a piece.

Can I bring company on the trip?

You can absolutely do that! A lot of people choose to bring a relative or a friend for support, but also to experience the beautiful city of Istanbul together with someone else. The plane ticket for your company is not included and is paid for separately.

Does the return trip affect the swelling after the transplant?

The cabin pressure on the plane might make the swelling increase slightly, but it usually goes back down after a day or two.