Testimonial | 08-12-20

Famous athletes get PRP treatment against hair loss

Thobias is a well-known long jumper who over a year ago started losing hair on the scalp. When the hair loss began, he turned to the Nordic Hair Clinic for help and advice.

Thobias, 24 years old

Thobias is a Swedish athlete who is ranked number five in the world. He grew up in Skåne but now lives in Gothenburg.

Just over a year and a half ago, Thobias started losing hair. The hair loss was not so obvious at first, since he still had rather thick hair, but it was something he noticed himself. He tried to comb his hair in a certain way to hide the thin-haired areas.

When the hair loss became more visible, Thobias contacted us at the Nordic Hair Clinic for advice and help. After meeting one of our knowledgeable hair specialists, he was recommended PRP, an injection treatment that counteracts hair loss and strengthens the hair.

First PRP treatment

Thobias’s first treatment with PRP went easy and fast. He does not think that the treatment hurts so much.

The treatment went as I had imagined. I understood that there were some needle sticks that were used, but it was nothing that was unbearable or anything. It was very gentle. In a few months, I hope to see results, says Thobias.

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