Testimonial | 04-12-20

Many men in Nadim’s family don’t have their hair anymore

Nadim decided to get PRP treatment, a treatment that can prevent hair loss. In Nadim’s family, many men have lost their hair, something that Nadim wants to avoid thanks to PRP.

Nadim, 37 years old

Nadim, also known as Cop, works as a police officer and tv profile. Among his male relatives, many have lost their hair, something he wants to avoid. After seeing an ad about PRP from Nordic Hair Clinic, he became interested in the treatment.

A friend of Nadim had previously been to the Nordic Hair Clinic and had been treated with PRP. The friend explained what the treatment was and how it was done. Nadim also read about the treatment and he could see that many had great results. He then decided to book a consultation.

The treatment

Nadim already has good hair and would like to keep it. Therefore, it was not a difficult choice for him to  get a treatment with PRP. His hope is to keep his hair for as long as possible, with heop from the treatment.

Nadim thinks that PRP treatment was quick and easy to do.

The treatment was painless. Everyone has different pain thresholds and I’ve been through a lot but I don’t think that this could be felt, really. It went very smoothly, says Nadim.