Costumer case | 11-11-20

“I shaved myself with a razor and saw that the hairline started creeping upwards”

Twenty-nine-year-old Kushtrim decided to do a hair and beard transplant to get a lower hairline and fuller beard.

Kushtrim, 29 years old

Kushtrim shaved his hair with a razor one day and noticed that his hairline had started to creep upwards. Over time, it got worse and worse, which is why he made the decision to have a hair transplant. Because he wanted a fuller beard, he decided to have a beard transplant performed during the procedure.


The hair and beard transplant procedure began with a local anaesthetic, something Kushtrim was very nervous about. He found the syringes with the local anaesthetic unpleasant, but he still thought it was worth the pain.

Once the anaesthetic had started working, the nurse took grafts from his neck and transplanted them to the hairline and beard.

“The procedure wasn’t too bad,” Kushtrim says, smiling.

A few weeks after the transplant, Kushtrim believes his hair and beard look good.

“I’ve never used that term before, but you have to suffer for beauty,” Kushtrim says, laughing.