Testimonial | 08-01-20

Thamer about his hair transplant at Nordic Hair Clinic

Thamer, 40 years old


After some thinking about having a hair transplant for a while, Thamer decided that he wanted his thick hair back that he had six years ago. He made the final step when his friend in Gothenburg told him that Nordic Hair had a clinic there as well.

– I decided to give it a shot and booked a consultation. I got to hear that a PRP treatment was not enough for my hair and that I needed to have a hair transplant for the best results possible.

Man gets anesthesia for his hair transplant. The hair transplant is always performed under local anesthesia

Thamer was very happy with the nice treatment he got

Before the hair transplant, Thamer was relaxed and felt confident. There were many competent people working at the clinic and he felt nicely treated. He looked forward to the operation. He thought it was going to take one or two hours but the hair transplant took longer, which he thought was good since everyone was careful and accurate. He recommends Nordic Hair Clinic for all people who want to do a hair transplant.

Man gets a hair transplant in Stockholm.The procedure went great and Thamer was tired but happy afterwards

A hair transplant takes time and we have many years’ experience in transplanting hair and are specialized in the area. We thrive for natural results and dare to say that our surgeons are very qualified in this field of work. Book a consultation and see if you too are a good candidate for a hair transplant.