Testimonial | 15-01-20

Jonna, the hairdresser did three PRP-treatments in three months

Jonna, 31 years old

Jonna works as a hair dresser and heard about Nordic Hair Clinic from one of her clients. She decided to try out PRP for herself after seeing really good results on several of her clients. Because of her field she was curious to see for her self what results she could get herself from three treatments. She wanted to know it it really worked.  

– I have already noticed great results after three treatments in three months. I have pretty curly hair and after a while I couldn’t get it straightened with only the blow dryer. I can tell that I have a lot more hair in places where I barely had anything before! says Jonna.

Kvinna har gjort tre PRP-behandlingar.After only three treatments Jonna can see clear results.

Now Jonna recommends the PRP-treatment to her clients on a daily basis

The familial greetings at the clinic and Jonnas own positive results has led her to recommend PRP-treatments to her clients daily. For instance she recommends women who lost their hair after childbirth and breast feeding to have a consultation at Nordic Hair Clinic.

Jonna is really happy to be able to help her clients that experience issues with hair loss by recommend PRP. She means that it feels great to be able to recommend something that she tried and been happy with herself.

Beside her usual job Jonna also has a podcast called “Vad sa du sa du?”. Nordic Hair Clinics CEO Maggie Stolt was a guest on an episode regarding hair transplants and PRP. Listen to it (in Swedish) here!

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