Testimonial | 01-04-20

Bunmee has for some time felt bothered by her hair loss. She decided to undergo two hair transplants to fill out her temple area and hair line.

Bunmee, 49 years old

Bunmee comes from Thailand, she has been feeling uneasy about her hair loss for a while. Therefore she decided to do something about it and now she has done two hair transplants with approximately one year apart at Nordic Hair Clinic.

Female hair loss is more common than you might think. The underlying factors can vary from hormonal changes like pregnancy and menopause to stress or some type of illness.

Bunmee wanted to get her thick and full hair back. Finally she booked an appointment at Nordic Hair Clinic and soon it was time for a hair transplant. About a year later she was back at the clinic to undergo a second transplant to complement the first.

See the video from Bunmees second hair transplant


Here Bunmee is back for a PRP-treatment

If you choose go undergo a hair transplant at any of our clinics in Sweden you always get three treatments with PRP included in the price. These are to speed up the healing process and make sure that the result turn out as good as possible.