Testimonial | 22-01-20

Alex about his hair transplant at Nordic Hair Clinic

Alex, 45

Alex had been thinking about a hair transplant for quite some time, two years to be more precise, when he finally went for it. He booked a consultation and met with the CEO of Nordic Hair Clinic, Maggie Stolt. 

– My consultation went really well and I got to see and hear how the procedure is done in a very detailed manor. I felt well informed and had also looked at some youtube videos prior to the appointment that as well gave me an understanding of how it all worked and what I could imagine.

Man efter hårtransplantation tittar sig i spegeln.

 Alex was really happy with his transplant and thought it went really smooth. 

The hair transplant went well and wasn’t the least bit painful


Before the surgery Alex felt a bit nervous, as so many do, but everything went according to plan. It felt safe to have gotten recommendations from previous patients that was really happy with their results. Afterwards he didn’t feel any pain even though he struggled with the sleeping arrangements the first night.

– Det som gjorde lite ont var att ta av bandaget dagen efter men det var okej med tanke på att det är en större operation. Det var skönt när jag äntligen fick duscha efter tre dagar. Nu ser jag fram emot mina PRP-behandlingar då jag hört att resultatet blir ännu bättre efter en hårtransplantation med PRP.

– What did hurt a bit was to remove the bandages the day after the surgery, but it was alright considering the size of the procedure. It felt like a huge relief when I finally was allowed to shower after three days. Now I’m looking forward to my PRP-treatments since I have heard that the results after a transplant are even better if its supplemented by PRP, Alex says.

Man gör PRP-behandling efter hårtransplantation.

Alex on one of his PRP-treatments that are included in a hair transplant at Nordic Hair. 

Three treatments with PRP are always included in the price of a hair transplant at Nordic Hair Clinic in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The first you undergo around a week after the surgery, the second one the week after that and the third about a month after the transplant.

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