Articles | 04-12-20

Receding hairline, high temples

It’s common for men to get a receding hairline, but it also happens to some women. Hair loss, which occurs when the hairline starts to creep upwards for men, is usually hereditary, while in women it can be due to age related disease. A hair transplant can be the solution to lower the hairline.

By receding hairline, we are talking about the temples on either side of the head. When the hairline starts to creep upwards, it is also called high temples, something that is common for men. The hair follicles there are usually more fragile and delicate than the hair follicles in the neck. Although it is individually where you lose hair, high temples are a common feature, where hair loss begins for many men. When, hair loss begins, varies from person to person, but the most common is that men start losing hair at the age of 25-35. This is because hereditary hair loss, which is the most common form of hair loss, usually begins at that age. But as mentioned, hair loss is individual, so therefore some may lose hair earlier or later, or never.

Women who suffer from high temples have a reduced amount of estrogen, and more of the male sex hormone testosterone. Reduced estrogen production occurs, among other things, as women get older, but not all women suffer from high temples as they get older. Some diseases lead to increased testosterone levels in women, such as PCOS.

A theory as to why hair loss occurs in the temples, whether you are male or female, is due to the increased production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT causes the hair follicles to shrink, which inturn leads to thinner hair, that might eventually fall off.

Hair transplantation in high temples

For many, it is difficult to suffer from hair loss and that the hairline begins to creep upwards. To get your hair back in the temples, and to lower the hairline, a hair transplant is a good and appropriate treatment.

With a hair transplant you can fill in the high temples and get a straighter hairline. The procedure produces a natural result where the transplanted hair mixes with the other hair. A hair transplant produces no visible scars, but a permanent result.

After a hair transplant, many people feel that selfconfidence improves. Instead of having to comb the hair in a certain way to hide the high temples, many can vary their hairstyles and gain an increased selfconfidence.

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