Donor area

All grafts are collected from a donor area. Most often the donor area is in the back of the head, but it is also possible to take hair from other parts of the body such as the chest. Unlike the hairs on top of the head, the hair on the back of the head and on the chest is genetically coded not fall off. This means that when you move a hair follicle group, that hair will not fall off.

Before a hair transplant, the donor area is shaved so that we easily can extract your grafts. For many people the shaving of this area can be difficult. With some planning, you can cover the hair in the donor area in different ways and if you have long hair when you have your hair transplant, it is easier to cover the donor area after the procedure.

Below you can see some pictures of how you can hide the donor area if you have longer or shorter hair.

Tips on how to conceal your donor area

Woman hiding donor area with long hair in a bun

Woman, 28 years old, 1 500 grafts

With longer hair you can easily hide your donor area with your hair let down or by having your hair up in a bun.

Before after donation area on man 25 days in between

Man, 41 years old, 2 000 grafts

You can also conceal your donor area with shorter hair by letting the hair above the area grow longer than the rest of the hair. These photos were taken with 25 days in between.

Do grafts that have been transplanted grow back?

A hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss. Hair follicles that are extracted from the neck do not grow back. When we move a hair follicle it grows into in the newly transplanted area. For this reason, we usually work with a larger donor area in the back of the head to make it less noticeable. If your hair is very thin to begin with, the hair on the back of the neck can feel thinner, especially if you have a shortly cropped hairstyle.

Here you can see an image of how the donor area has grown out on one of our patients, who has had a hair transplant at one of our clinics.

Male patient before and after in donation area

Transplantation of grafts

During the hair transplant, the hair follicle groups are taken out one by one, containing one to many hairs. Grafts with one hair are placed at the front of the hairline, while grafts with two or more hairs fill the hair further up towards the crown. This is how hair naturally grows and it is always natural results that we strive for.

Pay per graft

When you pay for a hair transplant, you pay per amount of grafts that we are able to extract out of your donor area. How many grafts that will amount to, for you and your hair, is a very individual question which we best answer during a free consultation after we have examined your hair.

FAQs regarding hair transplants

How much will it cost?

The cost of a hair transplant depends primarily on how large of a surface is to be transplanted and how many grafts are needed to fill that surface. Our price list will give you a general idea of what it can cost, but to get a full estimate of your hair specifically, we need to examine your hair during a consultation. All consultations are free at Nordic Hair Clinic. You can also send your images through an online consultation and an expert will look at your specific case and we will get back to you with what it may cost.

How long is the healing process after a hair transplant?

The most critical time is the first 2-3 days when the area is at its most sensitive. The first week you should be extra cautious. After 2 weeks it is okay to start exercising, but you should still be careful in the sun and make sure you don’t accidentally scrape the transplanted hair. After 3 weeks you can generally do most everyday things, but head butting a football, wearing a helmet, or shaving with an electric razor might be exceptions to that. We are always available for any questions about post-transplant aftercare.

When will I see the end results of the hair transplant?

We usually say that you can expect to see the end results after 12 months. How fast the hair grows is different from person to person. Some people can see good results already after 6 months. It is important to be patient when it comes to having a hair transplant because the hair does not grow out after one night. See before and after pictures from our patients here.

How many hair transplants can I have?

How much hair you can transplant depends on how good your donor area is in the back of your neck. Some people can get 3 000 grafts out of their donor area while other people can get 7 000 grafts.

Can you transplant hair from another person?

No, you can’t. It involves a very high risk for complications and diseases.