Get your transplant at Nordic Hair Clinic

  • We are specialists with years of experience in performing hair transplants.
  • We use FUE – a modern and safe technique for transplanting hair.
  • Before we schedule an appointment for a hair transplant, we always offer a free online consultation to ensure that the transplant will be as successful as possible.
  • Aftercare with PRP is included in the price of the hair transplant in order to speed up the healing process and stimulate hair growth.

Common areas for hair transplantation

Illustration of a person with temples
Illustration of a person with balding crown
Illustration of a person with deep temples and bald vertex
Crown and temples
Illustration of a person with large bald area from crown to front
Larger area

Transplantation using the FUE technique

At Nordic Hair Clinic we transplant hair with the FUE technique. It is a proven method that produces natural results, if done properly. The FUE technique means that we pick out grafts from a donor area, create channels in the area that the hair follicles should be transplanted into, and then put these grafts into the channels. The hair follicles grow firmly in the new area and the new hair grows out in an area that was short of hair before the procedure.

Hair technician draws Sean Banans hair line before his hair transplant at nordic hair clinic

Post-treatment with PRP is included in the price

After a hair transplant, we always recommend our patients follow up with PRP. This is because PRP helps with the healing of the transplanted area and stimulates hair. After a hair transplant you will usually not see the final result until 12 months after the procedure, but through the help of PRP, hair growth can get started faster. It will also give a smoother result.

Hair transplantation in Sweden includes 4 PRP treatments in the price you pay for your hair transplant. If you decide to receive your treatment at our clinic in Istanbul, the price includes 1 PRP treatment.

Woman with African hair gets PRP treatment after hair transplant

Hair follicles and the donor area

Within the hair transplant world, the term “graft” is often used. This is the term for the hairline groups extracted from the donor area on the back of the head. For a hair transplant you pay per number of grafts that can be extracted out of your donor area. In a consultation you will receive a calculation of this.

The hair taken out of the donor area does not grow back, it is moved permanently. Therefore, it is important that you go to a clinic that takes grafts with sufficiently large gaps between the healthy hair follicles, so that when the donor area heals, it still looks natural.

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Transplant area and hairline

Before your transplant, we go through how you want your hair line to look. We draw the hairline and you get to look in the mirror. The hairline looks different depending on gender and age. A male hairline is usually more rounded in the temples, while a female hairline is usually straighter in shape.

For medical reasons, there are limitations to the amount of hair you can transplant during one procedure. In addition to the medical reasons, it is also difficult for the patient to lie still for over 7–8 hours.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I wear a hat or a cap after the procedure?

It is not recommended to wear either a hat or a cap until a week after the operation, as there is a risk of scraping the hair follicles down. After a week it is fine to wear a hat or cap that isn’t too tight fitting. Remember that the hat or cap isn’t to specifically touch the transplanted area until after at least two weeks.

When can I cut my hair?

If you want to, you can trim your hair after three to four weeks. It is important to not trim the hair shorter than 3–4 mm the first time you trim your hair. After six weeks it is fine to trim it down to 2 mm. No shaving with a razor for the first six months. You can dye your hair after four weeks.

Can you transplant hair from another person?

No, you can’t. It involves a very high risk for complications and diseases.

Can you transplant hair from other parts of the body?

When there isn’t enough hair for a transplant on the back of the neck, you can carry out a so-called Body Hair Transplant. That means you examine other parts of the body that might be used for a hair transplant, such as the chest.

Does the hair that's been taken from the back of the neck grow out again?

The hair that is transplanted from the back of the neck does not grow back. The transplantation itself entails the relocation of the entire hair follicle from the back of the neck and not just individual hairs. We usually extract hair follicles from a larger area on the back of the head so that the donor area is less noticeable. You will not completely lack a large section of hair on the back of your neck now that you have had a hair transplant. If your hair is very thin to begin with, however, the hair on the back of the head may feel thinner after the donor area has healed, especially if you choose to have a short hairstyle. Read more about the donor area here.