From Rome to Stockholm to have a hair transplant

Massimo travelled all the way from Rome to our clinic in Stockholm after he had seen the result his friend got from having his hair transplant at Nordic Hair Clinic. Watch his interview about the procedure and read his story about what it was like to have it done in Sweden.

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From Propecia to a hair transplant

Arnts hair loss started 10 years ago and after some time it became a big problem for him. He no longer felt self-confident. He then began to read about treatments for hair loss and decided to test the drug Propecia. It did not give the effect he had hoped for, so he contacted us at Nordic Hair.

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Lost her hair due to issues with the thyroid glands

Caroline lost a lot of hair after she was diagnosed with a hormone disorder in her thyroid glands at the age of 20. After that, she thought a lot about whether her hair will grow back and also did research on what solutions there are to cover thin hair. She contacted Nordic Hair Clinic to discuss a hair transplant.

Caroline’s hair transplant

Flew to our clinic in Istanbul

Fredrik went down to our clinic in Istanbul to have his hair transplant done. On his page you can read more about his journey and how he thought the procedure went. Fredrik also has his own Instagram where you can see the evolution of how his hair has grown after the procedure.

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His friends recommended Nordic Hair Clinic

After being recommended Nordic Hair Clinic from two people he knew, Sean chose to have his hair transplant with us as well. For Sean’s hair transplant we extracted 3 000 grafts.

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Was seeking a natural result against his hair loss

Benjamin sought a permanent solution to his hair loss and was shocked when he saw two of his friends’ natural results after their hair transplants. It was the last push he needed to make the decision to go through with a hair transplant. On recommendations, he contacted Nordic Hair Clinic.

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